Indicators in Previous Editions

Each edition of Women’s Health USA contains the most current available data on health issues important to women. If no updated data are available, indicators may be replaced to make room for information on new indicators.

For more information on these indicators, please reference previous editions of Women’s Health USA, which can be accessed online at the HRSA Women's Health page.

> Women’s Health USA 2005
Adolescent Pregnancy
Border Health
Immigrant Health
Maternity Leave
Prenatal Care

> Women’s Health USA 2004
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use
Eating Disorders
Maternal Morbidity and Mortality
Services for Homeless Women
Women in NIH-Funded Clinical Research

> Women’s Health USA 2003
Autoimmune Diseases
Bleeding Disorders
Home Health and Hospice Care
Title V Abstinence Education Programs
Title X Family Planning Services
Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Uses

> Women’s Health USA 2002
Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs
Nursing Home Care Utilization
Unintended Pregnancies
U.S. Population Growth

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