Women's Health USA 2006

ERRATA and CLARIFICATION – Women’s Health USA 2006
The labels for the bar chart on the left side of page 58, “Representation of Adults Aged 65 and Older in the US Population by Age and Sex, 2000,” are reversed: Female should be the darker gray and male should be the light gray. More females are aged 65 and older, in each age group, and in total than males.

The graph on page 37 showing the rate of heart disease for adults should read “18-44: Female 50.3, Male 39.4.” The text description is correct.

The following text is a clarification of the narrative on page 51:
Among all women between the ages of 18 and 44 who were using contraception in 2002, the three most common methods were birth control pills (31.3 percent), female sterilization (27.6 percent), and condoms (18.4 percent). The popularity of each of these methods varied substantially by insurance status: female sterilization and the pill were most common among women with Medicaid, female sterilization and the pill were most common among those with private insurance, and female sterilization was most common among women with no insurance. Female sterilization was the most common type of contraception among married women and women who were formerly married; and the pill, condoms, and female sterilization were most common among women who have never been married. Among all marital status categories, male sterilization was the most frequently mentioned by currently married women and least mentioned by never married women.

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