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Mothers and Children FIRST! Fresh Ideas & Resources for Scholar Training
MCH Training Program: MCH Public Health Catalyst Program
Grantee: Florida International University
Project Director: Consuelo M. Beck-Sague, MD, FAAP
Location: Miami, FL
Region: 4

ASU Maternal and Child Health Pipeline Training Program
MCH Training Program: MCH Pipeline
Grantee: Alabama State University
Project Director: Steven B. Chesbro
Location: Montgomery, AL
Region: 4

Developing a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program for Georgia (GA-LEND)
MCH Training Program: LEND
Grantee: Georgia State University
Project Director: Daniel Crimmins, PhD
Location: Atlanta, GA
Region: 4

Leadership Education Excellence in Pediatric Nutrition
MCH Training Program: MCH Nutrition
Grantee: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Project Director: Krista Casazza, PhD, RD, LD
Location: Birmingham, AL
Region: 4

Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH)
MCH Training Program: LEAH
Grantee: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Project Director: Tina Simpson, MD, MPH
Location: Birmingham, AL
Region: 4

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