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Program Resources

This list includes links to organizations, websites, materials, and other resources on issues related to home visiting programs and improved child and family outcomes. The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program offers these resources as a reference and does not endorse any particular resource, publication or organization.

Fiscal Year 2017 Performance Measures

HHS recently revised performance reporting requirements for MIECHV grantees beginning in October 2016.  The purpose of this redesign was to simplify, standardize, and strengthen the performance measurement system.  HHS engaged in a year-long process that included MIECHV grantees, federal partners, home visiting model developers, and other stakeholders in order to redesign the performance measurement system to meet these goals.  The revised performance measurement system includes two types of data: Form 1 includes demographic, service utilization, and select clinical indicators; Form 2 includes performance indicators and systems outcome measures.  These forms can be found below:

Quarterly Performance Reporting

Beginning in April 2016, MIECHV grantees will be required to submit quarterly performance reports which include a select number of service utilization and staffing measures.  These measures have the potential to change frequently and are key indicators used for grants monitoring and oversight purposes.  In addition, grantees who have not demonstrated improvement in four of the six benchmark areas and are currently on an Improvement Plan are required to submit quarterly benchmark performance data in Section B.  The form can be found below:

Data Reporting and Continuous Quality Improvement

The legislation that established the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program requires that grantees demonstrate measureable improvement in at least four of six benchmark domains. HHS identified a list of constructs that grantees were required to measure within each benchmark domain and gave grantees the flexibility to develop their own performance measures for each construct. This flexibility allowed grantees to develop performance measures that were meaningful for their specific programs. These two documents summarize the benchmark measures selected by grantees.

Below is a list of every performance measure selected by every grantee within every benchmark construct area in two formats:    

The DOHVE Technical Assistance Team provides assistance to MIECHV grantees on issues related to strengthening their evaluations of promising programs, developing and adapting data systems to facilitate tracking and reporting on federal benchmarks, and implementing quality improvement systems.

Home Visiting Grant Administration and Compliance

Reporting Requirements

Home Visiting Evaluation

The purpose of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Evaluation (MIHOPE) contract is to conduct the legislatively-mandated evaluation of the MIECHV program involving multiple tasks and activities that together will provide federal and state policymakers, service providers, and other interested parties with valuable information about the effectiveness of these federally-funded programs in improving outcomes for children and families.