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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
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Home Visiting Grants & Grantees

The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program is authorized and funded for five years at $1.5 billion. The investment supports improvements in health and development outcomes for at-risk children through evidence-based home visiting programs. Three percent of the funding each year is set aside for Tribal grantees and three percent is set aside each year for research and evaluation activities. Funding is appropriated as follows:   

  • FY 2010, $100 million
  • FY 2011, $250 million
  • FY 2012, $350 million
  • FY 2013, $400 million 
  • FY 2014, $400 million

Grants are subject to the condition that the state or territory assigns service priority to families residing in at-risk communities as identified by the statewide needs assessment. The grants program is administered by HRSA in collaboration with the Administration for Children and Families.

MIECHV Grants and Grantees

 FY 2012 Awards

In 2012, HRSA awarded $125 million to the 54 eligible states and territories. These grants were awarded on a formula basis to each of the eligible entities (the states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands).  

Additionally, $71.9 million was awarded to 10 states to expand their home visiting services through Expansion Grants and $12 million was awarded to six states through Development Grants to build on existing home visiting efforts. In addition, one grant was awarded to a nonprofit organization in North Dakota to address the purposes of the MIECHV program.

FY 2011 Awards

In September 2011, HRSA awarded a total of $224 million to states and territories; $124 million by formula and $100 million by competition to those states that have sufficiently demonstrated the interest and capacity to expand and/or to enhance the development of their home visiting efforts. Competitive funding was awarded through Expansion Grants ($66 million) to nine states and Development Grants ($34 million) to 13 states.

FY 2010 Awards

In 2010, $91 million was awarded by formula to states to begin to plan for implementation of home visiting programs. States identified their at-risk communities and determined which of these at-risk communities would receive home visiting services, as well as developed their measures and data collection systems for demonstrating improvements in the six benchmark areas.


The MIECHV Research Program supports applied research relating to evidence-based home visiting programs and strategies that have the potential to improve the health, development, and well-being of mothers, young children, and their families. Findings from the research supported by the MIECHV Research Program are expected to have potential for application in improving home visiting services for mothers and children. 

The Home Visiting Research program in 2012 made three awards to Lehigh University, University of Kansas, and Washington University in St. Louis.

In 2012, the MIECHV Research Network cooperative agreement was awarded to Johns Hopkins University to support the creation of an interdisciplinary, multicenter research forum for scientific collaboration and infrastructure-building related to home visiting research that is designed to improve life outcomes among mothers, infants, and young children.