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Child care arrangements for children under age 5 with employed mothers, by family income, 2002 (vertical bar chart): Nanny/babysitter**: low income*, 3.5%; higher income*, 5.3%. Family child care***: low income, 10.7%; higher income, 14.2%. Center-based care: low income, 24.9%; higher income, 31.2%. Relative care: low income, 29.5%; higher income, 23.9%. Parent/other: low income, 31.3%; higher income, 25.4%.

*Low income is defined as below 200% of the federal poverty level, and higher income is 200 % and above. **Nanny/babysitter is care by a non-relative in the child’s home. ***Family care is care by a non-relative in the provider’s home.

Source: Capizzano J, Adams G. Snapshots of America’s Families, No. 16 — Children in Low-Income Families are Less Likely to Be in Center-Based Child Care. Washington, DC: Urban Institute.