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Maternal and Child Health

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Title V Maternal & Child Health Block Grant Program Technical Assistance Resources

Program Contact:
Michele Lawler
Acting Director, Division of State and Community Health
Phone: 301-443-2204

Media Contact:
HRSA Office of Communications
Phone: 301-443-3376

Per the federal-state Title V partnership and the Title V legislation, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau makes available quality and timely technical assistance to states.

The following reports were developed for the state Title V MCH programs, but they may be helpful to other Maternal and Child Health providers as they work to promote quality services and improve maternal and child health outcomes nationwide.


April 2013: State Maternal and Child Health Agency Priority Needs and Performance Measures for 2000, 2005, and 2010 (PDF – 778 KB) Executive Summary (PDF – 305 KB)

June 2010: Improving Oral Health for Mothers and Children: Oral Health Priorities and Surveillance in State MCH Title V Agencies (PDF – 200 KB)

April 2010: Very Low Birth Weight Babies Delivered at Facilities for High-Risk Neonates: A Review of Title V National Performance Measure 17 (PDF – 1.2 MB)

October 2009: Promising Practices to Improve Birth Outcomes: What Can We Learn from New York? (PDF – 285 KB)

January 2009: State Maternal and Child Health Programs to Address the Health and Healthcare Needs of Women (PDF – 199 KB)