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Maternal and Child Health

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EPSDT Overview

Here is an Example of One County’s Effort to Inform Families.  

EPSDT is a health care program for ALL Medicaid-eligible children, from birth up to 21 years of age. It is designed to detect and treat health problems early through regular medical, dental, vision and hearing screenings, lead testing, immunizations and education. If a child already has Medicaid she does not need to apply for EPSDT - it is part of her Medicaid. EPSDT is good for children because it provides screenings to detect problems early. Health problems are generally easier to treat before they become serious. EPSDT also provides immunization and blood lead testing which are required referrals for the WIC program. EPSDT is especially important for children with special needs. [NAME] is the Outreach Coordinator who can help parents in Teller County with EPSDT benefits for their child. She can help troubleshoot problems such as scheduling appointments, rescheduling missed appointments and can also help with education, advocacy, health access, resource and referral. She can be reached at Teller County [Colorado] Public Health.

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