Child Health USA 2006
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Population Characteristics
> Population of Children
> Children of Foreign-Born Parents
> Children in Poverty
> School Dropouts
> Maternal Age
> Working Mothers and Child Care

Health Status
> Breastfeeding
> Low Birth Weight
> Very Low Birth Weight
> Neonatal and Postneonatal Mortality
> Maternal Mortality
> Infant Mortality
> International Infant Mortality

> Oral Health
> Overweight
> Pediatric AIDS
> Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
> Hospitalization
> Hospital Discharge Trends
> Child Abuse and Neglect
> Child Mortality
> Childhood Deaths Due to Injury

> Adolescent Childbearing
> Sexual Activity
> Sexually Transmitted Infections
> Adolescent and Young Adult HIV/AIDS
> Physical Activity
> Mental Health Treatment
> Violence
> Substance Abuse
> Cigarette Smoking
> Adolescent Mortality
> Adolescent Mortality from Traffic and Firearm Injuries

Health Services Financing and Utilization
> Health Care Financing
> Vaccination Coverage
> Dental Care
> Timing of Physician Visits
> Receipt of Preventive Care
> Place of Physician Contact
> Hospital Utilization
> Prenatal Care

State Data
> CHIP Enrollment Statistics
> Medicaid Enrollees, Expenditures, and Reported EPDST Utilization
> Health Insurance Status of Children
> Uninsured Children
> Low Birth Weight, Prenatal Care, Births to Unmarried Women
> Infant and Neonatal Mortality Rates

City Data
> Birth Weight
> Infant Mortality
> Prenatal Care


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