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Place of Physician Contact,* by Poverty Status** and Race/Ethnicity, 2008

Place of Physician Contact, by Poverty Status and Race/Ethnicity, 2008
Place Poverty Status Percent of Children
Total Non-Hispanic White Non-Hispanic Black Hispanic

*The place where the child usually goes when sick; does not include routine or preventive care visits.

**The U.S. Census Bureau uses a set of money income thresholds to determine who is in poverty; the poverty threshold for a family of four was $22,025 in 2008.

Source III.5: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey

Doctor's Office or HMO Below Poverty Threshold 55.6 65.7 60.4 41.7
Above Poverty Threshold 78.3 82.5 73.3 66.0
Clinic or Health Center Below Poverty Threshold 40.8 32.9 34.4 54.1
Above Poverty Threshold 20.3 16.6 24.2 31.6
Hospital or Other Place Below Poverty Threshold 3.6 1.5 5.2 4.2
Above Poverty Threshold 1.4 1.0 2.5 2.4

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