Maternal and Child Health Research Program

Office of Epidemiology and Research, Division of Research

Advancing Applied MCH Research

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MCH Research Program Staff

Director, Division of Research
Office of Epidemiology and Research
Division of Research

Romuladus Azuine, Dr.Ph, MPH, RN
Senior Public Health Analyst
razuine at

Erica Caeser, MPH, MBA
Public Health Analyst
ECaesar at

Jessica DiBari, PhD, MHS
Health Scientist
JDiBari at

Robin Harwood, PhD
Health Scientist
rharwood at

Crystal Lane, MPH, MS
Public Health Analyst / HRSA Scholar
clane at

Imelda Rocha, MBA
Public Health Analyst
irocha at

Jihong Liu, ScD
Visiting Health Scientist
jliu at

MCH Research Program Office phone: 301-443-2207

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